a mythical Equus tells a horrid tale

I am a stuffed unicorn. I can talk because I'm a myth.

My former guardian, Billy, called me Eunie for short, and we used to have the grandest of times. I would join him at the breakfast table in the morning and follow him into the bathroom as he got ready for school. All day I would wait on the foot of his bed until he got home, and then I would guard his door while he scrambled to finish his homework so he could play with me.

On Saturdays, Billy and I would go out in the backyard. He would pretend to be a knight, and I was his steed. We would frolic in the bushes and escape the big bad trolls who wanted my golden horn. Billy was always the hero. He would protect my horn from anyone who came near. Then he'd give me hugs and kisses to assure me that everything would be all right.

But then one night Billy's mommy found us together in bed under the covers. As usual, Billy was naked. Billy's mom yelled and told Billy he couldn't play with me anymore. She took me and threw me into the trash behind the house. She was crying and swearing, so I know she had mixed feelings about it.

I was frightened and very worried that the trolls might find me there and cut off my golden horn. But I didn't have to be afraid. That night, in the dark, dark, dark alley, Billy came and rescued me. He took me from the Dumpster brand trash receptacle and snuck me down the street and put me on the doorstep of a church. Now I live in a wonderful place where the children not only believe in me, but also in the precious savior Jesus Christ.

Thanks to a closed-minded adult, I had to live through this ordeal. But maybe it was worth it. I love Billy, and I think now he loves me even more, even though he'll never see me again, except in his dreams.

c. 2001 The Cool Cricket Company (R)