1) behold, one should live as the cricket, with strong legs for hoppin', yes, but also wings that chirp

2) often wisdom results not from patient observation or vast experience but from the small things that confront us

3) do nothing and nothing will happen, and do something and something will happen (yea, but sometimes nothing resembles something, and often something amounts to nothing)

4) chirp more as the temperature rises, but keep it quiet so other creatures can live in peace

5) an antenna is a cricket's sensory organ that seeks out knowledge (yea, do not fear to lose a segment here and there by learning too much)

6) once crushed by the underside of a shoe, all travels end and all problems cease

7) interrupt a stranger's longing, and he will be fulfilled

8) a cricket is a member of the Orthoptera: an order of insects characterized by an incomplete metamorphosis (behold, as a cricket we exist in the process of change)

9) it is wise to sing in the dark

10) more is more and less is less; the wise remain more or less in the middle of the path

11) a cricket seems small, but he is large to those who see and hear him