Living Room

It is here in the stately living room of the Leonard Marx mansion where eminent local psychic and parapsychologist Fortune Florence claims to feel the strongest presence of Marx's disembodied spirit. In more than a few of her visits, she believes to have "stared into the eyes of this grotesque and wicked man and seen a palpable terror within."

Indeed, numerous other witnesses have reported seeing a frightening apparition amidst the leather and brash furnishings of this room. Crooked Corners Mayor Ronald "Sharky" Flint, a local pawn shop owner and environmental activist in 1988, often tells the tale of when he felt a sharp cold blast of air against his neck. When he turned quickly around, he claims to have come face to face with the miser himself. When Flint jumped back in fright, the ghastly apparition did the same, then promptly disappeared.

An infrared camera utilizing "hyper-paranormal" technology captured the startling video above during the late afternoon hours on October 31, 1994. The amazing footage shows the apparently curious spirit of Lenny Marx entering his living room, seeing the ghost hunters and their equipment, and quickly fading out of view.

Analysis of this controversial video is inconclusive. Is the deceased despot aware of our temporal world, or is the image merely the hazy memory of a wicked man who lived in this house so many years? Perhaps the ghost of Leonard Marx is trapped in a purgatorial plane, doomed to interact only tentatively with the worlds of the dead and the living as punishment for his earthly crimes.