Population: 8,400 and growing, a mix of native small towners and a huge influx of recent immigrant mutants from Panoland

Geography: Mostly rolling hills with lush bluewood forests to the north, a deep valley where the old town sits; some fields of potatoes still exist

Government: Democratically elected city council with the late Leonard Marx serving as interim mayor

Size: Main town was for decades only a few square miles; now sprawling outward due to population growth and rampant development

Founder: Leonard Marx (1907-1986), who became the wealthiest potato farmer in the county

City flower: milkweed

Industries: internet tourism; agriculture (potatoes); mutant healthcare

Sister City: Farapay, Panoland

Climate: Four seasons; dry summers with temperatures from 85-110 degrees Fahrenheit; winter can reach to 30 below zero; rain in spring and autumn