This controversial video purports to portray suspected nutcase Boohoomi Dal, Jr., the Panoland expatriate who escaped the failed nuclear tests of his own distant nation to quickly become the leader of the mutant insurgency movement in Crooked Corners. But recent studies have uncovered inconsistencies that suggest the footage to be fake.

Although observers did not expect to see any regrowth of the tertiary hand shed from the top of Dal's head a year ago, suspicious scientists say the ostensible terrorist seen here is a lookalike. Among other things, the truly revealing clue, they say, of the video's falsity is the man's distinct quasi-Russian accent. Witnesses say that Dal actually sings with a voice that is closer to that of Carol Channing, his favorite geriatric diva.

Still, at least in its implied subtext, the tape presents a man afraid that his legacy of roostercide and grand misuse of a potato truck for terrorist purposes have left him alone and hated, so much so that his own death may go unmourned...

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