The Attic

Not long after Lenny Marx's violent death, police noticed an eerie, almost imperceptible noise coming from upstairs. As they investigated, the sound grew louder and more intense, and led to the discovery of this secret attic.
Clearing through the cobwebs on the way into this dark room, one immediately hears the hideous sound, emanating like a repeated mantra from the damned. The noise has been recorded by numerous ghostologists and can be heard by clicking here:

Years of speculation as to the meaning and source of the horrific auditory signal led nowhere until a technician accidentally played the recorded track backwards when rewinding the tape. Imagine how startled he was to hear this!

If one listens closely, one can hear the old potato farmer repeatedly stating his presence as it lingers in the old house. Why he would insistently call out his name is unknown; perhaps even in death the miser's ego needs expression, or perhaps it is merely an echo of the man who so often made claim to his environment with his eminent, evil presence.